From Ecovillage to Ecocity

Our Mission: Help transform Victoria from the ground up into a global model for a sustainable city.

Victorians are already moving in the right direction toward local food production. However, to transition to a better city that’s designed first and foremost for living things (rather than cars), we need to transform the built environment. The built environment shapes many of our bad habits… and the leading cause of environmental damage and man made climate change is the way be build our buildings, communities and cities.

Transforming Victoria is a big hairy audacious goal. A crazy one, you might say. Naturally, there will be many small milestones along the way. As we move forward these milestones will be revealed, along with our strategy.

Phase I: Think big, run experiments, develop strategy.
Phase II: Get dirty, document & provide value. Spread awareness of the existing grassroots movement, promote local heroes, and give people information that helps enrich their lives while helping them live more sustainability.
Phase III: Leverage local presence to start influencing the built environment, while generating revenue.
Phase IV: Use profits to invest in land near Victoria. Start an experimental ecovillage and organic farm. Team up with architects and planners to experiment with the best ways to build sustainable communities in the Victoria region.
Phase V: Apply lessons to help evolve the built environment in the city of Victoria and ultimately other cities.

What if we crash and burn and utterly fail? I mean, the odds are certainly stacked against us. The success or failure will be in the strategy and the execution. A crazy idea with brilliant execution can succeed. A brilliant idea with mediocre execution can fail. But then, there is no better lesson in life than failure.

Regardless of what happens we are going to learn a lot. If we’re on the wrong path, we will learn, and we will correct course. We’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to piss people off.

This is social entrepreneurship. We’re rebels with a cause and we’re not afraid to think big and get dirty.