The People’s Apothecary Garden Fundraiser

The People's Apothecary (medicinal herb garden)

Yarrr… the people have spoken! Want to help grow medicinal herbs? Yes, you say? Rob the banks and bring ye booty to the Quadra Community Centre: 
901 Kings Rd., Victoria, BC.

Date: Nov 21, 2013
Start Time: 19:00
End Time:   23:00
Suggested donation: $10

Come help out this beloved community garden. If you never new it existed, it’s behind the Vancouver Island School of Art. Go check it out!

Feel free to mark it on your urban foraging map… but no hoarding! If you do the warlocks will track you down… so leave some mugwort for those dear folk who need it for their daily elixir.


The People's Apothecary Garden Fundraiser by
Tim Perry About Tim Perry

Sustainable design lover. Sauron hater. Tim’s vices include ogling architecture, creating elvish-themed startups (don't ask), exploring ideas on guitar for hours without actually playing a song, and daydreaming about community design, permaculture, natural building and primitive bushcraft.
After studying engineering at UVic, Tim started, an acoustic design business. But ultimately, he wants to help advance sustainable development in the Victoria region (and beyond). So, Tim’s brain asked his heart if he should start the Victoria Vine. His heart's impulse said, “Do it, frood”. And here we are, talking in third person.

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